One Dream makes seniors’ dreams come true and bridges our generational gap through the process.

One Dream is a non-profit organization based in greater Chicagoland that was created in 2014 to bring happiness, meaning, & excitement into the lives of seniors by sharing their incredible stories, creating inter-generational connections, and making Dreams Come True.  In the process, we hope to bridge our generational gap by partnering with students of a younger generation to inspire them to value our seniors and continue making a difference in their lives.

In each dream we have fulfilled, the seniors have felt loved, appreciated, respected, and dignified. Students assist us with fundraising and coordinating dreams and many have shared the impact these dreams have had in their own lives too. In volunteering with the elderly, it’s given them an opportunity for meaningful work, new relationships, and sparked an interest in a career in senior living. It is crucial that we continue growing our inter-generational program to involve students. Between 2020 and 2040, the number of people age 85+ will more than double. In 2020, 12 million seniors needed long-term care. The great news is that there are many careers in aging services and the opportunities are endless!  Senior living communities offer careers in areas such as social services, nursing, human resources, culinary/dietary, administration, facilities management, life enrichment, marketing and sales. We hope to continue motivating a younger generation to celebrate seniors and work with the fastest growing segment of our population.

We connect people and enrich lives, One Dream at a time!

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