Federal Poverty Level

In one category, we make dreams come true for seniors living below 200% of the federal poverty level. Use the chart on the right to determine if the senior is eligible based on our poverty level guidelines.

Our income requirement is based on the amount received in the previous calendar year, as reported to the IRS. This amount is the combined income of the senior and anyone else living in the same residence.

Examples of Income

  • Social Security payments
  • Salary or wages (including bonuses)
  • Net Income from any self-employment or business
  • Alimony
  • Interest Income and Dividends 
  • Income from estates or trusts
  • Gains from sales or exchanges
  • Long-term disability benefits received prior to minimum retirement age
  • Governmental or private retirement or pension plans
  • Annuity payments excluding amounts representing a return of capital
  • Unemployment insurance payments

Income Does Not Include

  • Supplemental Security Income
  • Welfare Payments
  • Payments received as participants in the Federal Foster Grandparents Program
  • A return of capital
  • Reparation payments received by Holocaust survivors
  • Gifts
  • Inheritance
  • Child Support

200% of 2019 Annual Poverty Level

Household Size

Annual Income*

Monthly Income*

1 $25,520 $2,127
2 $34,480 $2,873
3 $43,440 $3,620
4 $52,400 $4,367
5 $61,360 $5,113
6 $70,320 $5,860
7 $79,280 $6,607
8 $88,240 $7,353

*These numbers are pre-tax income levels for residents of the 48 contiguous United States.

If you meet our 200% of Federal Poverty Level requirement, you can Request a Dream under our low income category.

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