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Marilyn’s Spa Day

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    About Marilyn

    Marilyn is a widow who has lived in Chicago since 1995. She’s originally from the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan and lived many years in Texas. Marilyn has three brothers, two children and lots of nieces and nephews.  At 78 years young, she’s very involved in her community. She has spent much of her time line dancing, taking an improv class, as a member of the red hat society, and participating in an exercise program at the low income senior building she lives at. She also volunteers at the local senior center once a week. Most recently, she takes her grand-dog to an adult daycare on Mondays, is rehearsing for a play shes in on Tuesdays, and on Weds sits on a fundraiser committee. In her free time Marilyn reads books, plays rummikub, and watches videos.

    Marilyn’s dream was simple: to get pampered for a day. She hasn’t been to the beauty shop to get her hair cut in years, so it has grown out. We figured that if she hasn’t been able to get a haircut, she probably hasn’t been able to pamper herself at the spa recently either. She suffers from lupus, but said that if careful, it would be a very enjoyable experience, especially if she could put her legs in relaxing warm water.

    The Big Day

    Irene’s Dream came true on Sunday, September 11th, 2016, at a spa called Pearls of Chicago. Her day began with a massage, then facial, before enjoying lunch at the spa.



    Marilyn getting a manicure

    Then she had her first manicure/pedicure in decades, and loved every second.

    Marilyn's haircut at Pearl's of Chicago

    Lastly, she got her hair cut and styled!

    More Photos of Marilyn's Spa Day

    Thank You

    Thank you to Assurance for the generous donation, and all the support from Assurance Caring Together.

    Thank you, Pearl’s of Chicago, for the quality service.

    Thanks so much to Berkman Studios for donating production and editing services to tell Marilyn’s story.

    Last but not least, thank you to all the generous individual donors who made this dream possible.

    Mack and Gina Baxter
    Adam and Kristen Benwitz
    George and Pat Butz

    Larry and Linda Casserly
    Kevin Stoll
    Lisa Stoltenberg

    Kara Wade
    Adrienne Wilson

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